Friday, November 21, 2008

Peparing your Thanksgiving table

If you want a fun new way to fold your napkins to make them look oh so chic, then you need to click on this awesome link here with complete instructions and photos for 27 different folding options. Who knew there were that many! This is the one I use most frequently but it is so cimple and not super impressive.
Below is the formal American Table Setting.Europeans serve salad after themain course and therefore the salad fork would be at position 4.1. Napkin, 2. Fish Fork, 3. Salad Fork, 4. Dinner/Main Course Fork, 5. Soup Bowl & Plate, 6.Dinner Plate, 7. Dinner Knife, 8. Fish Knife, 9.Soup Spoon, 10. Bread & Butter Plate, 11. Butter Knife, 12. Dessert Spoon and Cake Fork, 13. Water Goblet, 14. Red Wine Goblet, 15. White Wine Goblet
Place cards are very nice when having more than your immediate family for dinner. A tiny pumpkin with a slit cut into it would be cute. Just place a pice of Cardstock cut with fun scrapbooking scissors and hand write the name on the card with a caligraphy pen or simply a gel pen or sharpie. Or another idea wuld be to cut a rectangular pce of cardtock out and fold in half then cut the bottoms with scrapbooking scissors and then embellish with embossing or hand writing te names or stamping them and a design.
I like to tie a small sheaf of wheat or small fall wreaths with a bow that hangs from the back of each chair. I usually tie it with either a thick fancy ribbon, raffia or gold colored tulle.

So that is enough for one post. Have you dozed off yet?


  1. Oh this was lovely Tammy! You took me back to my family Thanksgiving dinners where my grandmother always had place cards even when it was just us, I loved it!
    I've always been confused on where the wine & water glasses are placed too, so this was quite helpful too!
    Now if I could just get my turkey to look like the one you have pictured, what a delight!

    Have a beautiful weekend my friend♥

  2. Oh I am so jealous we do not have Thanksgiving in England.
    Your table will look amazing I am sure.
    Have a great time with your family. I will be thinking of you this week.

  3. Great info. I love using place cards for holiday dinners. My family thinks I am a little crazy for using them. But I just love that little extra touch. And I do get compliments from the visiting relatives about the place cards.

  4. I love it..a well set table and in the proper place.
    Not boring to me
    love to you..Deena

  5. Tammy, you have a beautiful blog...thanks for visiting mine :) Happy Thanksgiving !!

  6. So glad you could "sit a spell" on my new blog! I've been blogging about 2 weeks and love visiting others...yours is the pictures and all you create. I am not a creative soul, but wish I was : )

    Happy Thanksgiving...Shell

  7. What fantastic ideas! Thanks Tammy!
    I love the ideas for the back of the cool!


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