Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Luna Award

I am thankful for all of my blogging friends and the ones I have yet to meet. It is so wonderful to be able to converse with other kndred spirits from all over.

Ah, sweet sweet Sharon over at Mana Moon Studios has blessed me with this kind Luna Award for spreading hope & inspiration. Thank you, Sharon! She is an inspiration herself. You have to check out her gorgeous jewelry! As a matter of fact she has submitted a piece to the Stringing Magazine and could use your help getting votes to be featured in one of the upcoming issues. If you go to this page and click the right arrow to the last page you will see her piece which is #42. Just click vote now, put that #42 in and enter your email. They will only use it to email you who won. I'm telling you her work is amazing!

The essence of the award is that it is passed on to seven people whose blogs fill you with Hope and Inspiration. Each of these ladies have inspired me in one way or another, whether through their strength of character , posts, artwork or all three. My selections are in no particular order.

Grams or better known as Janis Zettel
Lindsay-Ann of Cross-Stitch House
Elizabeth of EBogie
Alice of Romantic Thoughts
Sherry of Esprit D'Art
Firfly of Firefly Hill Style
Brandy of Brandywine Boutique


  1. hello Tammy,
    i got her thru mana moon studios :) and i know why she gave you the Luna award :) what a delightful blog you have with so many pretty and inspiring ideas! i love your blog and shall be following it closely :) have a creative week and God bless.

  2. Hi Tammy
    Thanks for the lovely award. I am surprised but honoured you gave it to me. I really do not think I deserve it! I will try to show some more of my creations soon on my blog.
    Have a great day.

  3. Thanks for the lovely award, Tammy. I never thought I'd inspire anyone!

  4. Congratulations on your award. You are so deserving. Twyla

  5. Oh Tammy, this is wonderful and I think you've chosen some very special blogs to hand this award out to. Thank you so much for your wonderful addition of mentioning my contest submission. I cherish our blogging friendship and perhaps one day we'll even meet. Whether this happens or not you'll continue to touch my days and heart with your love and beauty♥

  6. Aww thanks so much! Your blog is so pretty!

  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words. That's why I love this place!


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