Thursday, November 27, 2008


Yes, I created some place cards even though there were only 5 of us.
I cut the cards our of cardstock and folded them in half, the I stamped the corners with one of my favorite ink pads.

I wrote the name of the person on each one and on the inside I jotted a note of why I was thankful for them. I enjoyed doing that very much and they enjoyed reading them.
I was up at 7am to prep the Roasted Turkey Marsala. It was in the oven at 7:35a.

Mmm... Look at that beauty. It was delicious!
Our table.
My daughter and Dudley, one of my mom's pups. He was kissing her goodbye.
and Moi after a successful Thanksgiving dinner with family. What could be better?! We are blessed.


  1. Beautiful post Tammy..I'd love to have a bite of that turkey too :D

  2. Those place cards are just beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. you look beautiful and absolutely sparkling in the picture :))))

  4. Hello Tammy! Thanks for coming to visit! Your art is lovely! Happy Holidays!

    Creative Blessings,
    Lisa :)

  5. Just mouthwatering...!! And the placecards were darling!

  6. Hi Tammy
    I do not know how I managed to miss this post.
    I loved seeing pictures from your Thanksgiving. Your table looks amazing and those place cards are gorgeous.
    Best Wishes

  7. Oh my, you ARE wonder woman! Look at you, looking like perfection after a day of work - just gorgeous!

    Everything looked so beautiful (that turkey looked delicious) and the note cards were so wonderful! I love the idea that you added a note of thankfulness inside. What a perfect way to set the tone for a lovely dinner.


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