Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spreading Cheer

Suzanne, better known as Colorado Lady is spreading Christmas Cheer. She is giving away a boat load of goodies over the next 5 weeks. She has a posting with all of the goodies for week one listed. I'm sharing this with you all in hopes that it brings me extra good luck/karma or wahtever I need to be the winner.. lol Go see for yourself. It looks like this first giveaway is the perfect winter evening. Good Luck!


  1. Hey! Don't be telling people about my prize...LOL

  2. What a fabulous find Tammy and you're such a good person for spreading the news♥

  3. Fun, fun -- thanks for sharing!


  4. How nice of you to share that!!!!
    I hope you get extra karma points too!!!!~

    Hope you have a fantastic day!

  5. Thanks for sharing. That's why you are who you are - kind, generous, and talented. I hope you win one week too.


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