Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas items

It's fun to see Santa depicted in so many ways. The photo below of the primitive santa is quite a juxtaposition to this one.

I love these boxwood wreaths for many seasons. Just switch out the ribbons they are hung by and voila you have a whole new look.
This is the primitive santa figurine I was referring to above. I love the time and effort to create this wonderful santa.
This is an ornament I saw in an antique shop and I thought it was too cute, the little guy was a ttached to a candleholder and clipped onto the tree. Clever.
Candles say welcome and this one along with others greet customers arriving at the local antique shop. You will see candles like these displayed in the windows of homes all over during this time of year but also throughout the year as a welcome sign. It looks so nice to pass by a home that has one in every window. VEry cozy looking. I have the battery operated ones so I don't have to worry about finding a nearby outlet to plug it into and seeing the unsightly cords. But that also means I have to buy fresh batteries every year.
This cute little guy was on display among some bottle brush trees. Isn't he adorable?


  1. I love your postings, they're always so magical and I feel like I'm right there. The boxwood wreaths are my favorite. I don't have any yet but am determined to plant a boxwood next year so I can make my own.

    Thank you so much for sharing all these lovely treasures Tammy and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.♥

  2. Hi Tammy
    Thanks for sharing those wonderful Christmassy pictures. I really like all the primitive stuff you have over there. I just love that style. The little mouse is so cute.
    Best Wishes


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