Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Memorable Gift Giving

I know that this year is so tough economically for many, so we are doing our part as many Americans are by grabbing a name or two off of the Angel tree, donating for Toys for Tots, adopting a family, gathering food for the food banks, donating a few dollars extra on the heating bill, and/or helping a coworker or neighbor in need. There are numerous ways to help others, just look around.

This is a tough time of year, any year, for families with children whom cannot afford to provide gifts, clothing or sometimes even a warm meal. This is the time of year that it really matters to parents if they let their children down. Every parent wants their children to have a nice Christmas. With all of the layoffs, (533,000 in November alone) there will be more families in need than there have been for a very long time, so please please consider helping another, if you at all possibly can.

Remember what goes around comes around and it feels so good to help someone else.
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  1. Beautiful posting Tammy and SO true. As we get wrapped up in our hustle and bustle we can forget those in need, thank you so much for the reminder.♥

  2. tammy you made me cry... you're such an angel. thanks for reminder. i'm now thinking of the little children ...

  3. The true spirit of Christmas - giving to others. Twyla

  4. We sometimes buy gifts for friends through charities supporting third world countries. We have bought goats and chickens and a card explaining the gift gets sent to the friend. Sometimes people who have everything appreciate this kind of gift more knowing the money you would have wasted on them has gone to someone in desperate need.
    Great Post.

  5. Tammy, thanks for visiting my blog. I've been enjoying yours.
    As for the branches, I used a few screws but mostly staples. I rested them on the top on my china cabinet so that took most of the weight. I hope this helps. let me know if you do anything. Janis


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