Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mmmm...sweet tea

Well, I made a quick trip down south to sunny North Carolina this past Friday and just returned this evening. Hence the pitcher of Sweet Southern Tea. Love it! Got my fill for awhile.
I went to check on my son. Poor guy is having a rough time right now. I had to go and see what I could do to make things better. No matter how old they get to be, I am their mom and still have the same maternal instinct, I always had. Please, if you are a believer, keep him in your prayers. Chris is his name. He is going through a very trying time, right now. If you are not, please send happy thoughts his way. ;D
Tomorrow is the last day to enter the OWOH giveaways. Mine is several posts back, so if you haven't entered yet, please feel free to now. I will be using the Random Number Generator.


  1. What a pretty picture. The tea with the glass of ice next to it. It made me smile, and I had to look at the rest of your blog. It's a great blog, I will have to read more.

  2. Glad you got to visit your son. I will say a special prayer for him. You've been a busy traveler--NewYork and then south!!

  3. Hi Tammy
    I will pray for your son. I hope things improve for him soon.
    Jessica was really interested in your last post. She just found out that her school visits that very museum in New York in Year 10. She is in Year 8 at the moment and definately wants to study art so she is counting down the months until she can see it herself.

  4. so want to hava sip of that now :D

  5. Oh we'll be going to the SC in a few weeks as well. I'll keep your son in our prayers. Seems to be a difficult time for so many right now.

  6. Thanks ladies for all of your kind words, prayers and happy thoughs! I appreciate it more than you know.


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