Thursday, February 26, 2009


Can you tell I am rushing right through winter and spring and hopping rigth into summer. Aah sweet, sweet summer. Look at this gorgeous arbor. What a wonderful way to greet wedding guests or ladies to a tea party or yourself, of course!
Hydrangeas come in many colors. These are my favorites. I had this gorgeous bush in my yard in North Carolina and every year at their peak color I would cut enough stems to fill a vase and let them air dry. I filled the vase only a little. If I was making wreaths I would often cut the stems only 2 inches past the flower head and remove leaves and then place them into a baking dish with maybe 1/2" of water and all heads up but with enough flowers that they all supported one another. Then I would sit them out of direct sun, so as not to make them fade, and let them dry out. They maintaines their gorgeous colors and I would just add floral picks with wires so I could make a nice wreath for my front door. They make beautiful wreaths by themselves or you can add other dried flowers such as roses, lavender, or whatever looks pretty and greenery or dried sticks, spiral stems, etc. Here's a link for to get you started Drying Hydrangeas Naturally

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  1. Hey Tammy, I could not find youre-mail address so I have to post here. As part of OWOH and one of my followers I sent out cards and collages. somehow your name was not included in my list. I'm so sorry, if you could please send me your snail mail address to
    thanks nancy
    p.s. i love your hydrangeas, they have me wishing for spring.

  2. OH! I absolutely ADORE Hydrangeas!! They're my all time favorite flowers. Here's hoping Spring is closer than we think! ;-)

  3. hydrangeas are beautiful! l really love them... but they dun last here... and they flower only once then die... the weather is just not right... *sigh*... the wreath is gorgeous!!

  4. Tammy how beautiful the hydrangeas look on the arbour

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  6. Hi Tammy
    I love hydrangeas too. My Mom had one in her garden at her old house. It was the most beautifil blue.
    Thanks for sharing.


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