Monday, February 16, 2009

Joy to my heart

A painting that I did and then added ribbons for the tail feathers of the birds and dried spiral stems for the vines and silk flowers, a nest and eggs. The lady that ordered this from me, ordered it for her mother whom has alzheimers and loves birds. She said it put a smile on her face. What more could you ask for? What a nice feeling to know that your art brings joy to someone's heart.


  1. Oh for heaven's sake, your talent leaves me speechless!

    It's beautiful.

  2. That is so beautiful! My Grandfather died with alzheimers. It was a terrible thing to go through. We lost him before we lost him. It's the only way to explain it.
    Thankyou again for your kind thoughts and words. My family and I are all safe and well. We live in QLD, 2000kms away from the fires in VIC. Another 500kms north, and you enter QLD's own flood disaster!
    The news this morning said 189 people dead in the fires, and that's not including the burnt-out houses police haven't gone through. It truly was the saddest day in Australia's history.
    Thanks, Manda. xx

  3. Oh Tammy this is beautiful and so happy the woman you created it for is finding some much needed happiness through it. Alzheimers is such a dreadful disease and I watched my grandmother deteriorate from it, so tragic.

  4. This is so beautiful as well as whimsical. Your talent is amazing!

  5. Tammy, That is beautiful! You did a fantastic job! So talented! Nancy

  6. Tammy, I love this beautiful painting! The ribbon adds such a touch of whimsy. It makes me smile too! Twyla

  7. Hi Tammy
    Your art work is really beautiful. I love the birds and their fancy tails. I am sure the lady will love it very much.

  8. That is stunning! I love your art!

  9. This is absolutely beautiful Tammy. You are talented plus!!!!
    I rec'd your note on my blog today and I will be sure to let you know when my package arrives! I'm pumped!

    Thanks again,

  10. That is such a beautiful painting! You are very talented!!


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