Monday, February 23, 2009

Yowza's it's cold!

Oh my gosh, it is COOOOLLLD here! I had to get gas tonight so there I am in 19' F temps and pumping gas while the wind is whipping my hair across my face and my necklace (a double strand silver one) falls into my blouse and yikes it was ice cold! shwew! I wasn't ready for that. lol
The snow mound at work is now looking more like a large gray mound. Gross! I am so ready for spring. Where are you daffodils, crocus' and creeping phlox? My little nesting wrens? Helloooo...I'm ready for you. I love seeing the flowers stretching to the sky, reaching for the sunshine. Are you ready for spring? I even started my spring cleaning, weekend before last. I can't wait to open my windows and let the fresh air in.
I am already planning my flower planters and beds. Don't you love planting seeds and being surprised when something new pops up? It is so nice when you go away and come back after a week or so and everything has gone haywire! I have lots of perennials but I like mixing in annuals for instant gratification. I look forward to being greeted by happy colors.
Wishing you sunshine filled days even if they are cold ones.


  1. You should pop over here..its way too hot.

  2. Hey Tammy! I am not ready for Spring! I feel like we barely had winter and now it's in the 70's most days here. I'm not ready to put away my cozy clothes! LOL!! But after the winter you and other Northern states have experienced this year I can imagine Spring will be a welcome sight. I LOVE the painting you created with the birds. What a lovely gift to be able to give a loved one. The tails on your birds are my favorite part. So perfect!! I hope you are having a beautiful Tuesday sweetie! Love, Jamie

  3. Yep, that's cold alright!!! We have the same weather!!!!

    (so cool!!)

  4. Oh I'm right there with you and Spring just can't come soon enough! I've even purchased seeds and planters already just hoping to give Mother Nature a little push! Hope you have a wonderful week♥

  5. Hi Tammy
    We have spring in England. It arrived overnight! One day there was nothing growing in my garden and the following morning there were snowdrops and crocuses smiling at me.
    Hope spring comes soon for you too.


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