Thursday, May 21, 2009

cats, lily of the valley and tags

I'm so sad. The Robin that made her nest on our front porch settee was scared off by those darn pesky neighborhood cats. We have a dog for goodness sakes. They hop onto the front porch over the flower boxes and onto the chairs they go. I have tried tin foiling the seats but that didn't seem to bother them a bit. Darnit! I wnated her to be able to raise her babies safely.
I love these pretty little flower heads. They are Lily of the valley and smell so good. They have such cute scalloped bell shaped heads.
This is one of the 12 tags I created for a recent Majestic Bird swap. Can't wait to see all of them put together. I will be recieving 12 back. Should be fun. I'll post pics when they arrive.
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  1. Those silly cats! You know, water is a great deterrant, as is wire fencing! Perhaps you could fence it off for a little while! Stupid owners of the cats, letting them roam free. We have five cats and they're allowed out during the day. They've never stalked birds or killed them or scared them away. It's mostly the birds scaring them back inside!
    I hope the robin comes back. It's so sad that those little eggs might be left. Perhaps if the robin doesn't come back, you could blow the eggs and display them in the nest indoors? I know that sounds terrible! lol

  2. Hi Tammy, Poor little eggs and mummy and daddy has had to leave, how painful is that. I know what you mean about cats. I have the bush that flowers different colours from red the yellow. A cat use to sit underneath the bush and go for the birds. I so love birds, so I cut the bulk of the bush from the bottom and stopped the cat hiding there. This year I can hear so many birds singing, especially the last week and half. I think there are more birds around here this year.
    I thought there were less a couple of weeks ago.
    So the birds numbers growing lower could be due to more cats also?
    There a three cats that come in my garden. I have a dog also, he chases them off, yeah! Go Alfie!
    Sorry I do not wish to see a cat harmed just try to stop them catching the birds.
    Bless you so much for sharing this.
    Hope your cute little birds can find another safe place for their family?

    Sending you a BIG SMILE:)

  3. I am very sad about the eggs, too, but I know you can't hatch them yourself, they wouldn't know what to do. Another reason I'm not a cat fan!
    Love your new header and your birdie tags!

  4. Oh I hope she returns!! Poor Birdies:( The eggs and nest are so lovely and your photos are beautiful. Your tags are really special! I know the participants in the swap will be so thrilled to receive them. Have a wonderful weekend Sweetie! Love, Jamie

  5. Your bird tag is just precious!

  6. I was just thinking about your nest the other day...wondering how long it would be until they hatched. So sorry. I can't blame the cats - it's what they do, but it doesn't make it any easier to think about.

  7. Hi Tammy
    So sorry to hear about your robins. You did all you could so don't feel bad. Our robins are much smaller over here (or so I'm told). We have some nesting in the ivy on our house. We are afraid to cut the ivy back for fear of scaring them. It's partially covering our bedroom window and has nearly reached the roof!
    The bird tag you made is really cute.
    Have a great weekend.


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