Thursday, May 28, 2009

My favorite art supply...Paper

Oh how I love paper. The last sale Michaels had, I bought around 100 sheets. I love the potential it has. It can be decoupaged onto just about anything, it can be a place to showcase photos against, it can brighten someone's day by being made into a card, it can become a journal, a flower, a mat, a book cover, jewelry, a part of a collage, a piece of art, etc., etc. The possibities are limitless. It comes in so many textures, an amazing array of colors and patterns. What's your favorite art supply?
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  1. Tammy, I love love love paper too. Especially very old paper that is brittle and colored by time. :o)

  2. ammy you are so right - there are so many ways to use paper and such a vast range out there.

  3. My favourite supply above is definetely paper too. Although lately its buttons and a whole lot of ribbon...I have found myself buying ribbon just to have it. Not because I need it. I would say that it could become a slight problem. Not because of the money being spent, but i might run out of space...NEVER!!

  4. I have a weakness for pretty paper too and have quite a stash to prove it, but it is yarn that makes my heart race when I go to the craft store! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  5. Tammy, got my tags in the mail today and thought yours was super creative and special. See my post (I have a picture of yours!).

    Thanks again!


  6. Hi. My name is Jen and I am a paper addict too :)


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