Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Robins nest

Well, something is up with Blogger. I cannot add any photos for some reason. Bummer! A post with no photos is kinda boring. I am such a visual person. Okay, so I have a Robin who decided to make a nest on our settee on the front porch. It is perfect, all except for the fact that it is maybe 5 feet from the front door and it is right in the middle of the two back cushions on the settee. We are in and out of that door about 20 times a day between all of us. I am also worried about the neighborhood cats that meander onto the porch and curl up on the furniture. They might harm the babies. What to do? Any ideas? I hate to move her nest. I took photos. I will post them as soon as I can.

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  1. sorry for your computer sorrows.

  2. It's a pain when 'computer' things don't work right. We have a robin's nest in the top of our porch light (we don't turn it on). Every time we open the front door it scares her and she flies out. Good luck with yours. Twyla

  3. no suggestions...sorry:( but i know for me, i always feel somewhat "complimented" when birds, squirels or anything other chooses my yard to nest in:) kinda silly i know:)

  4. I wonder if there is any way to just go vertical with her nest?
    I guess you could distract the cats away from the area with food or something like that..?
    I found your blog, going to follow you.
    I am hosting a giveaway if your at all interested. I am also an artist.

  5. Yes, I need to put at least 1 picture in every post, although I'm more auditory as a learner! It's interesting when I visit book blogs, because they are very sparse with the pictures, compared to craft and decorating blogs.
    I made my etsy mini and have it up on my blog. Thanks for the 411!


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