Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A good idea gone bad...

Okay, so I decided I wanted to paint a box and add a set of overlapping angel wings on the top. Easier said than done, I tell you.
So here I am getting pretty excited about how easy this is going to be and then my left side will not come out right to save my life. I erased and erased and erased until the wood was nearly visible again.
So just when I think I may have it, that darn left side creeps back up and says blah!

So what is a woman to do when she is having trouble with a piece?...Well repaint it of course!
Sheesh who knew angel wings were so difficult? They look simple enough. So where do I go for how tos? You Tube of course! Everyone has something they can teach you and I love this resource. So I went and still could not find the exact wings I was looking for , so off to the library I went and I checked out how to draw animals and I am going to use the bird wing instead. Sheesh... I only wanted one simple thing and it turned into an hour long fiasco.
On to brighter things...

Ah the beach has been on my mind so I thought I'd make up some framed table numbers in that theme. The color is Tranquility. I have it on the accent wall in my bedroom. The other walls are called tealight. A soft beigish yellow. I wanted the bedroom to feel like a retreat and it does. Well it did before my art area exploded. lol A picture for another day. Anyway, back to the beach...Summertime weddings are so lovely. The colors of the sand, the sky, starfish, and seashells are so fresh and calming. I have been sitting under the palm tree on my front porch and I just love to watch the palm fronds sway in the breeze. Heck I need a margarita right about now.Here is another project I have been busy working on. A 30 frame order that I have to finish tomorrow. I took this whole week off to create and fill up my etsy shop. I have been so tempted to go to the pool, with these hi 80 and 90 degree days but I am being good and staying on task. Well kinda. Mom and I did go shopping and get our nails done one day this week. Now I have to wear gloves to paint. Ick! Well hugs to you all! Happy Creating!


  1. I love the idea of the angel wings- keep with it! Oh and in the future if you're trying to do a kind of "mirror image" theme- tracing paper is my best friend for those kinds of projects!
    Also, LOVE your table markers- those palm trees and starfish are wonderful!

    P.S. We used a "Tealight" from Sherwin Williams for our kitchen and we LOVE it! Wonder if it's the same color?

  2. I love your angel wings box idea Tammy. I've been there so many times - what starts as a simple "I'll finish this in 5 minutes" project turns into an epic! Often worth perservering though!

    Your beach themed table numbers are stunning, and what a gorgoeus colour. And the frames look fabulous all lined up together. Lovely to see your work selling well :) x


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