Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wright Brain Book Group Mess!

Lisa Wright is hostessing the Wright Brain Book Club. The book Mess by Keri Smith is the inspiration behind this childish art. I do not have the book yet. It has yet to land in my mailbox, but I happily await. One of the pages instructs to make thumbprint art, layering it and creating something with it, so here is what I did:
Finger painting you ask? Yep...Only Lisa could make me do it. I saw a kaleidoscope in this one below.

Well after getting into it, I noticed that childhood memories popped into my mind. My version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar is in there.

A dolls dress
A male butterfly character came about quite by accident. He just showed up for the party.
This daisy reminded me of the linens of the 70's.
These cherries reminded me of Erma Bombeck and her saying "If life is a bowl of cherries, then what an I doing in the pits"? She was a funny lady.
Happy Creating!


  1. Hi Tammy! Gosh, I love all of this "mess" I wanted to play with Lisa too, but I just couldn't commit...
    I remember reading Erma's book when I was in 5th? grade. Totally funny to dad was so witty and played with words, so I got the humor even then. Now I see her wisdom too.
    And those 70's linens...and the wall paper (mushrooms) and the colors... avocado, carrot and maize.
    I loved this post for sentimental reasons...And for your artwork...and for your gumption to do what I didn't.

  2. What beautiful pictures, they are so lucky to have a friend like you who does such great work.Cooware

  3. oh my gosh. I love your finger painting and how much fun. I always loved reading Erma Bombeck too and it just reminded me of her book The grass is greener over the septic tank.

  4. I know... I need a serious thrashing for not having visited sooner, me bad! It's wonderful to see you're just as talented as always ~ I love what 'came to mind' with this painting!
    Thanks so much for your love & support this week sweet friend, always SO appreciated!

  5. This looks sooo much fun!

    I love how you discovered so many stories in it after painting it - very interesting process!

    Love your "kaleidoscope" - gorgeous colour and pattern - and the little dress and the cherries are adorable! x


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