Saturday, April 7, 2012

A nature walk...

Jack has been out of town all week and just came back last night. We usually take a walk on a piece of property behind our neighborhood.
I have been wanting to take a picture of these gorgeous clover flowers. I had never seen red ones. Only purple and white. Theses are so pretty in the clusters in the late afternoon sun. Well, as you can see it is only 2pm here and the sun is bright. I may sneak out this evening and try to get better shots.
Well, what before my wondering eyes appear but a pretty little lady bug. Only the second one I have seen this year. We used to make a wish on them when I was little and then blow on them to get them to fly off our hands.

Funny the things you reminisce about when you are on a nature walk.
Below is a red ant mound. My husband stuck his bog foot in it. Yes, on purpose! He is such a boy. I asked him when did men ever grow up. He didn't answer so I added I think never.
He does this to every ant hill we see on this very walk every time. There are at least 12 large mounds with his big foot print in. I shake my head and chuckle to myself. You gotta' love 'em.
Here is the wildflower bouquet I picked on the way back. So pretty. The droopy looking green leaves were straight before I picked them. I used to have an heirloom tea rose that did this when I picked it's flowers for a bouquet. I never picked them again.
Well, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It is gorgeous here today. Sunny and 70. People were actually at the pool. In it! Crazy peeps.


  1. I'd love to come for a walk along that path, it looks so pretty with all the red wild flowers. Great shot of the ladybird (what we call ladybugs in the UK!)

  2. thanks so much for sharing your cute art space and most especially your nature walk! I don't get to go on many nature walks but living in the woods nature is right outside my door, thank goodness since my fibromyalgia intervenes now in so many of my favorite things...*sigh*
    I am jealous of that 70 degree temp. as here in New Hamsphire it is still chilly in the 40's!
    Hop by to say Hello if you get the chance...
    Hugs one of your many cyberspace acquaintences,
    Beth P (


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