Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to my little art corner

This is my little art corner. Yes, it literally is in a corner of our master bedroom. Well, I say that but really there is an 8' bookcase on another wall that is full of supplies in baskets and pretty boxes, and then there is a large cupboard on the same wall as my table full of supplies too. Under my bed I have storage bins with yes, you guessed it, more goodies. In my old house I had a whole art room to myself, small as it was, everything fit in it perfectly.
The far right wall has a display of Artist Trading Cards from swaps with other artists. Very fun! Right under that is my beloved printer/scanner. I use it like crazy. My favorite Christmas present this year. I have four 4 of those clear drawer towers full of things. I tried to hide them with a table cloth as best I could.
So, let me begin with the bookcase looks cluttered so I bought some solid black boxes to change out the pink ones with and then I also bought black magazine holders for the magazines and books. So it should look more tidy soon. You probably recognize many of the artists works below. We have Noodle and Lou, Time with Tascha, Joy Northrop, Angie Hogan, Lisa Wright, Stephanie Mealor Corder, Studio Sylvia, Druga Szesnascie, Luthien, Angela Thoma, Alison Gibbs, and Tumble Fish Studio, to name a few. Love them all!

A few pieces from art/blogging friends.

An Alison Gibbs photo. She is so sweet and this gorgeous photo is waiting to be framed and hung.
Well, that's it for now. I know it looks cluttered but so is my life with all sorts of goodness. Love you all and thanks so much for stopping by and saying Hi. I love to read your comments and visit your blogs, as well. Happy Creating!


  1. oh Tammy ... what a delightful corner!! it looks so happy and colorful like a candy store :) i wish my corner looked like that ... if yours look like the inside of a candy store, mine must be the inside of Eastern State Penitentiary!! (O_O)

  2. This is really inspiering. I have an ispiration corner with some art of blogging friends like Tascha for example aswell. There are still a lot of creative people missing, but I go on to collect them.
    Have a great day

  3. How fun to see what other artists have for their art space. Yours is very nice....everything in reach and surrounded by pieces that must make you smile daily! It is truly a space to be inspired in.


  4. Oh my are so organized! I would be happy creating in your darling space!


  5. Such a beautiful corner!! What an inspiring place to work!! ;) xo Heather

  6. I LOVE this! I have a box full of goodies to display when my studio is done! For now, I just have a handful of things hanging over my desk- since everyone in the house shares this space, I don't dare have many special things out! I'm very jealous of your beautiful space!

  7. Your creative space looks great. I am trying to take one wall in our tv room and organize it for crafting, but so far haven't quite gotten it all worked out. Right now I can't do any paper crafting because my supplies are spread from here to there and everywhere in between. Hope you are having a great week. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. So glad to have found your blog and am happily following so I don't miss out on any more wonderfullness... I love your art corner and that is a shelf of great and inspiring work...xx

  9. OMG.....I just happened here from Pritti Studio and what do I find on your studio wall? One of my earliest works, the ATC mounted on red background that reads Art is my Soul purpose after LOVE ofcourse. What joy to remember my beginnings, that must have been about 6 or 7 years ago.
    I love your studio. I miss having one since we are now between homes.
    Blessings your way and enjoy the angel Pritti Studio has created for you.


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