Monday, April 30, 2012

Round Robin Art Journal-Lisa Wrights Spoiler Alert

 Hi there! Since the rest of the Round Robin Art Journal group has displayed spoiler alerts of their art pages, I felt Lisa of Wrightstuff was being left out since I did not photograph my pages and write a post. So I asked Kim of IMGIRL to photograph my pages and email them to me so I could show the pages I did for Lisa W's Art Journal. Thank you so much Kim for being such a sweetie.
So Lisa, here they are. "Oh the places we will go" seemed the perfect beginning of Lisa's pages because she is a storyteller. She sends us on mini escapes via her blog and her wonderful stories. She is a dreamer. Hence the tag. The postmarks are indicative of the places we may visit in one of her stories.
I saw some sweet little Splenda packages. Pardon the pun, that had some little quotes using the word Sprinkle and since that is my last name, I decided it would be a perfect little extra to add. This one reads  "Have a sprinkle and a smile".
 The right page has a whole slew of oddities, reflecting what stories are sparked from. Some of the words; "a story is a great escape, a dream an adventure. Yours are all of these and more.Share them, make us laugh, make us cheer." I hope she likes it. The 2 blank pages stare you down and you fret over making the commitment and getting it all wrong and not being able to turn back.
                                                                         Happy Creating!


  1. Woo Hoo! This is so great. I am so excited that this was done in my journal and I'll be getting it back in a few months. Love it!! I can't wait to investigate all its little intricacies.

    Thank you for the lovely write up on your blog too - I was most flattered [blushes...]

  2. OH WOW- I LOVE this, I went back and forth through all your pages several times so I didn't miss anything- and each time a new detail jumped out at me- I especially love the acrobat on the uni-cycle and the Sprinkling of sweet words ;)
    Using "Oh the places you'll go" was such an inspired reflection on our traveling books AND who this one is for- SO perfect- I can't wait to see this in real life!

  3. These pages look fabulous - so much gorgeous detail! This is sooo exciting :-)

    Kat Xx

  4. OH Tammy!!!
    Bee-you-ti-full pages!!!
    So perfect for Lisa.
    I love all of the phrases and words you "sprinkled" on and the feathers and tags and the screen-looking background...just so much detail.
    You are brilliant!

  5. Oh these are wonderful Tammy ~ I love all the intricate details you included!

  6. WOW this is awesome Love it!!! Very inspiring and just your (TAM) style. very cool

  7. I LOVE all the thought you've put into this Tammy, and all the perfect little touches! "Have a sprinkle and a smile" really did make me smile - what an absolutely genius find!! x


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