Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

It's Wednesday and that means only 2 more days left of the work week. Yay! Today is yet another lovely day. We are so fortunate to finally be able to enjoy spring. Out of the last 23 days, it rained on 17 of them. All day rain, too. Everything is growing like crazy. The dinathus is a vivid hot pink against the freshly cut green grass. It is so pretty.
I am so happy to hear the birds chirping the chipmunks making noise and the sun is shining. The windows and doors are all open. We will grill out tonight. Something simple. We will eat on the patio and enjoy chatting.
Wish you could be here to join us. Badminton awaits us in the backyard. A fun family game, that we thoroughly enjoy playing.

So, I have to get some packages mailed out for a few swaps. These are my, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Should be fun! Two of them are form out of the country. I always love to send and receive snail mail and packages.

I am off to light the grill. Have a lovely evening.



  1. NOw it is thursday and only one more day left. But I will be in school towmorrow so I have one day left at work this week =)

    You are so welcome for the postcard =) Now I now that you have recived it, I know that the mail is workning. I have never senda pakage to a forigin country accept to germany.

    The wedding will be the 9 august. Lots of planning but I think that I will be ready in time =)

    Two days ago I did by thinks for our package. Now I only need to fix the detailes =) But it will work and be fine =) Is it okej for you if I mail it on monday the 2:ond I know that it says the 31 may... but, as alwas, I an short of time....

    I did cal my workfriend and she will come and help me with the accounting =)

    I hope that you will have a nice weekend =)



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