Saturday, May 17, 2008 favorite day of the week.

Yay! It's Saturday and I slept in until 8 am. Woohoo! I have a couple of little projects to finish up. This bench is one of them. It is beng sent off to a lady whom has a lakeside cottage in Michigan. The cottage is in the painting and the birch tree is in the picture that she sent me of the view from her deck. Those are her canoes, as well.
I took all of the custom order items out of my etsy shop and I am going to take it easy right after school gets out. What about you? Do you ever feel overwhelmed and have to sit back and reevaluate your life and what you can do to make a change?
Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I am. Oh yeah, we saw Iron Man last night. Who knew I'd enjoy it? I certainly didn't expect to but Jack let me choose our last film so I had to let him choose this one. Robert Downey Jr, Gwenyth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges were in it. It was a pretty good story line. Not hokey like I had expected.
I'm off. See you later!


  1. My son had been begging me to take him see Iron Man, so will do so this weekend :)

    that painting is awesome, very beautiful and stunning details

    happy week ahead my friend :)

  2. I just live for a good Saturday! We have stayed busy today! Nice to meet you, Susie H

  3. The painting is gorgeous and I like what your doing with it. I get all caught up in this blogging thingy and husband and children wonder when I'm coming up for air, but I started a photography business with my sister and it's getting busy. But I love to get my suit on and put the raft in the pool and lay and relax it's so relaxing. It was so nice to pop on your site and look around, also nice to meet you and hope you have a great memorial weekend and week ahead. Penny W


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