Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Son, Chris

Well, this is my son, Christopher (Chris). He is in college in Greensboro, NC. I miss him terribly. He is studying Design, as in graphics, packaging and products. He is quite the whiz on the old photoshop. Wish he was here to teach me a thing or two.
He is so much fun and just plain goofy, as in the smile he gave me in the picture below. Such a nerd! He was trying to keep from laughing because he and his sister did not want to be standing in the middle of a mall posing for a picture for mom. So that's the smirk I got. He and his sister, Alex are 7 years apart. Supposed to be the ideal age, but no, it wasn't. Too much of a gap. Oh well. They are getting closer as the years go by, so I am happy. Chris is a great soccer and basketball player. He has these crazy fast moves he makes on the field and court. He was always so much fun to watch play his sports. He is quite smart, also. Brains and braun. Yep, I am a proud momma. :)


  1. You have a lovely family!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Now we have met both of your children. One of each - lucky you.
    You are one proud Mom.

  3. And cute too! No wonder you're so proud.


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