Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My daughter

This is my daughter. She is multi faceted. She is part tomboy, part athlete, part girly girl, part teenager, part young woman all mixed into one. She plays Lacrosse and you can see her in the picture catching the ball. She is a really good player. We enjoy watching her games. Yesterday she scored 3 goals in the game. Woohoo! Now for the tomboy side, she loves to play basketball and ride bikes with her guy friends, mows the lawn and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She loves to wear quirky shoes and hoodies. The girly girl side loves to paint her nails, flat iron her hair, and put a little makeup on from time to time. No need for it though. She is lucky to have a beautiful complexion for her age.
I saw her shoes lying on the floor and couldn't resist photographing them. Journeys is one of her favorite places to buy shoes. Goofy, but fun stuff.
Being nearly 16, you can imagine all of the fun trials and tribulations we are going through. But it is all worth it because pretty soon she will leave the nest and go off to college. :( That will be so hard. We can only hope and pray we gave her a strong pair of wings. Hugs, Tammy


  1. They grow so quickly and it's hard to let them fly away.

  2. Alex is just can see the resemblance of you in her...since your pics are so near on the blog! My Ashley is 14, (15 this summer) seems that once they hit 12-13, they mature and grow so fast! It breaks my heart, but at the same time is so exciting to see them emerge into young ladies! I pray for those strong wings too! :)



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