Friday, April 4, 2008

The Whatnot Box

Okay, so as you can tell the pictures are not fabulous, but that is beacuse I took them with my old camera before my husband so kindly gave me a new one with more megapixels for my birthday.
But you still get the idea here. I took a plain unfinished box and with acrylics painted the whole thing black, then I took a crackle coat and put that over the lid. Next, I came back in with a burgundy paint and then added simple uplifting words such as: Keep life simple, Live joyfully, dance, dream, create, inspire, etc. Then I further embellished with a black paint pen by adding vines and flowers. Next, I added coordinating buttons by literally sewing them onto the wire mesh that was in the lid. And finally, I put a clear coat on the whole thing for durability.
I can say that this little box rec'd a good home when a surrogate mother bought it from my etsy shop and sent it to the expecting parents with a sonogram and positive pregnancy test in it. How sweet it was of her to let me in on her plans and how sweet for her to be so kind to the expecting parents. I love stories like that.


  1. What a beautiful box and moving story to go along with it!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.


  2. Thanks Susan! Glad you stopped in!


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