Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Today was a gorgeous spring day! 62 and sunny! My husband had ths grand idea to take me to the PA Grand Canyon and along the way we stopped to enjoy the river, a waterfall, the tiny little victorian town of Wellsboro and a quaint little shop full of all sorts of goodies. We gazed at the hawks soaring below over the river running through the canyon. It was just a blissful day. Just the two of us enjoying the scenery, the farms, good conversation and the peacefullness of it all.

We even stopped for barbeque ribs, chicken and pulled pork on our way home. Great little mom and pop place.

Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather, as well.



  1. What a lovely day! I mailed your journal today!

  2. Thanks Michelle for stopping in. I mailed your journal today at lunchtime.

  3. What a lovely hike! I wish we had those sort of trails in Houston :(

  4. Oh son and I hiked to the bottom ....THAT WAS A MISTAKE!He had to push me to get me back up!!!! I am not joking either...hahahah...
    I love Wellsboro...other than Smethport it's my next favorite town on Rt 6 :)

  5. Thanks for stopping in Jessica and Bonghi. Houston has to be HOT by now. Shwew...don't think I could handle that. Bonghi, how funny. Love your new blog banner.


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