Friday, April 25, 2008

I am enamoured by sepia prints. They are so romantic to me.
These are three I took in Aruba. The brain coral was as big as a bowling ball. The sunset by the pool was so nice to watch every evening. The sailboat was mesmerizing. We went out on one and it was so relaxing and fun to see all of the fish from above.
Enjoy your weekend. I was asked to work 8 hours overtime tomorrow. Darnit. I wish I had said no but part of me will be thankful when I get my paycheck. :)
I am off to talk my dear hubby into going out for dinner. Wish me luck. lol He ate out for lunch. Chinese, he always has chinese with his coworkers knowing full well that I love chinese. The bugger!


  1. Dear Tammy!
    I am your friend in the mix & match swap. I will see what nice things that I can find out for you =)
    Hope that your weekend has been nice.
    Regards Ida

  2. Yay, Ida. I posted a comment on your blog, but cannot read it. lol


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