Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A happy heart

This is my latest magnetic memo board. It is very feminine.
I'm all about details.
Embrace life. One of my favorite sayings. Just a little reminder here.
You all know how much I am yearning for spring. Well, I saw these miniature daffodils in the grocery store and they had my name written all over them. So they camehome with me.
I am greeted at the kitchen sink with these smile makers. So sunny and happy.

The heads are a little larger than a quarter, but I zoomed in here to capture their beauty.
What do you surround yourself with to bring a smile to your face? This is only thing that makes my heart sing. What does it for you? Please share.
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  1. Hey Cutie! Your memo board is so sweet! I too have been surrounding myself with flowers because it's so cold outside.

    Sandy xox

  2. I love your memo board, not only is it girly, it's kind of springy. I've been doing springy crafts to get in the mood, especially after we got a bunch of snow dumped on us Monday.

  3. What a darling memo board. I love all your attention to detail, Tammy.

    I try to surround myself with Boston Terriers. I only have two, but if I had one more, I think I could call them a collection. ;o)

  4. Ahhh, magnetic memo I see! It's really beautiful, shabby chic but more refined, I'm off to check your Etsy shop and see what I can add to my "to buy" list...

  5. Your memo board is amazing! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  6. you make the most beautiful things :) the buttons are adorable and i love the beads... a delightful touch :))


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