Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter and Sweet Vintage Swap Packages

Look what came in the mail! Fun swap packages! The first was for a Sweet Vintage Swap. It came from Leah of Victoria, Australia. She included some scrumtious creamsicle orange chenille, a fun coordinating fabric and some vintage buttons and a color coordinated crocheted flower and leaves. How fun! I am thinking about what I want to create with it. Hmmm...
The second was for an Easter Swap and it came from Gail. She included an adorable handmade bunny, a handpainted and appliqued tote along with 3 Dove bunnies. Yum! Had to share them, though. She also included some fun papers, paper flowers and a tiny alphabet stamp set. I can't wait to have fun with this lot. Both ladies have sweet blogs and sweet families.
I as usual forgot to take pictures of what I sent but hopefully they will post some pics, as well.
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  1. Hello, I'm glad that you liked the little package, I will be sure to post a pic of my goodies on my blog when they arrive. Have a great day! Leah

  2. How nice! I didn't do an Easter swap but I wish I had!

  3. WOW...WONDERFUL treasures indeed!!! What fun you must have had with those swaps!!!
    Penny Duncan

  4. Hello, thanks so much for the gorgeous Spring Sweetness parcel. I &hearts: ♥ ♥ it!! You really did brighten my day! I have posted some pics on my blog. Thanks again! Leah

  5. Hi Tammy,
    I just wanted to pop in and thank you for my goodies from the Secret Easter Swap. You've got me all ready for Spring planting. I have posted 2 pictures of your gift to me on my blog, so stop over and say Hi. Thanks for the fun package.

  6. So cool! Love all of your Easter items. I've never participated in a swap. I really should - it looks like fun!

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  8. ohhh you got some loveley goodies there..well done..Khris in Oz


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