Sunday, April 19, 2009

Favorite magazines no longer being published

I became a reader of Victoria in the early 90's. It is chock full of wonderful vintage clothing, stationers, homes, decor, etiquette, writers/artists, gardens and so much more. I loved the calling cards section. I also became an online forum junkie when they first started one and then it became another name and then another and then the magazine quit being published and I lost interest. It was a very sad day when I heard that Hearst would no longer be publishing my favorite magazine. I have picked up the newer version but I feel like something is missing. Maybe it's just me being prejudiced but I don't have the same feeling reading it as I did the previous publication.
I got a card in the mail last month telling me that my subscription to Cottage Living would no longer be published. Very sad. I loved this magazine, as I live in a cottage and appreciate the articles and photos of other cottage dwellers.

Now I have been searching for my other favorite magazine ME Home Companion only to find out it is no longer being published, either. :{ What the heck?!!! I loved this magazine and the artists studios and the decor. All of my favorites seem to go by the wayside. I am so sad. Which magazines do you love and what should I check out based on these being my faves? I look forward to your input. I am a magazine junkie. I am contemplating ordering Traditional Homes, again.
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  1. Tammy, I couldn't believe it either when I picked up what was supposedly Victoria magazine and it was nothing like what I remembered. Pretty, but not Victoria. Such a major bummer.

  2. Hi Tammy, so sad that each of the magazines you love so much are all going out of print.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, so nice to hear from you.
    Hope you find a good magazine you can enjoy just as much!

  3. I've been a magazine junkie in the past myself but I am out of time these days! I started to subscribe to Victoria but not what I thought it would be. I miss Home Companion too! I'm so glad that you want to be in my swap! I can't find your email though! Can you email it to me please? Thanks Tammy

  4. I feel the same way you do! The one I miss the most is Home Companion. I looked Soooo forward to it every month. The other magazine that I know is no longer published is Country Home. I've been reading it for years. So sad to see these beautiful magazines go. Twyla


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