Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flowers in the yard and hard work.

Love this single daffodil that was plucked from my front garden just to be photographed. It now resides on my kitchen window sill. I love the orange ruffle edged center.
DH planted about 10 of these on the side of the house. I love the deep wine color.

Yesterdays hard work. Hardscaping is not for the weary. lol About 9 hours of work here.
DH and I started fairly early. It took us nearly an hour to figure out our shape. Then to dig all of the plants out and the area for the stones to be placed. Then we had to have a dry run. Didn't like them up so had to turn them over and while doing that level them out. We were only going to make it 2 high but liked the 3 high better. More blocks, more soil, more work. Then we planted, fertilized and mulched. Shwew. We have sore muscles and a pinkish hue to us after all that sun. lol But it came out nicely. We now have to order pea gravel and edge a sitting area for a table and chairs. Then scrape, sand, prime and paint the rails in the background.
Our apple tree blossoms. This one is ahead of the other 4. Aren't they such pretty little flowers? Hope you got out and enjoyed the weekend. Have a lovely week ahead.
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  1. I just revisited your blog and was hoping you would please visit my blog too, and maybe share it with your friends. Also, leave a comment on my Mother's Day Give-Away Post to have a chance to win my book.



  2. Your hard work in the garden has paid off ~ it looks so great! The apple blossom is beautiful, ours is out in the garden in England too ~ although we don't get as much blue sky as you to photograph it with!
    Ali x

  3. Tammy, the work you and your husband did looks fantastic!

  4. Hi Tammy
    Your flowers and your garden look beautiful. Please can you come and do mine?!!!
    Have a great week.

  5. Good morning, Tammy! Stop by and pick up the award I have waiting for you.


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