Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scrappy the YoYo Clown and a Giveaway

I found this fabulous site that has all sorts of fun and inspiring ideas for those whom like to sew or just create, with no sewing. They have lots of patterns and their site is so fun to browse through. You should have a peek. It's called Indigo Junction
Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this morning and saw "Scrappy the YoYo Clown". My grandmother made me one of these when I was born and I had it until I was 13, when we lost everything. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw it this morning. I loved that clown. My grandmother died several years ago and I had wanted to ask her how she had made it. This one's face is even the same. Mine didn't have bells for it's feet and hands, it had yarn pom poms. I imagine for safety reasons.

Is there something from your childhood that has special meaning for you?
Joy of Joy to the Blog is having 2 really fun giveaways. Go check them out.

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  1. That is such a darling little yoyo clown. I had a little nubby lamb that I slept with for years. Wish I knew whatever happened to it!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link.
    I love it so much.

    And, I also love your blog background/header. So cozy.....


  3. Tammy, Indygo Junction has a sister site with vintage images. If you sign up for their newsletter you get a free vintage-inspired image with the newsletters.
    I love Indygo Junction for ideas!

  4. That's so crazy! I'm going to do a tutorial later this month on a Sister Smocks pattern I just got form their site!! So fun! Can't wait to see!

    I'm having a SHOE sOIREE! this month I hope you'll join in you have some time and a shoe:)


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