Saturday, November 21, 2009

1915 Holmes School Athletic Club~ Free VIntage Image~ Giveaway

I had to laugh, well the whole family did when we saw this fantastic photo of my husband's grandmother. This is the athletic club in  1915. She is the one in the center row, near center with the gigantic bow on her head. Can you imagine running anywhere in that thing? It looks like it would keep your head back, doesn't it? Too funny. Look at the girl in the very back, near center's last or nickname. Poor dear. Pillow, really? This image has been written over pretty good and is dingy but if you'd like to have it for your artwork, just click on it  and it will appear larger then right click and save. All that I ask is that you not sell the image alone, you are free to use it at will in all of your art work for sale or not. Hope you had a good laugh. Enjoy your Saturday!
Oh and there is a WONDERFUL giveaway going on here. Go have a look. Her blog is gorgeous, full of lots of vintage eye candy. 


  1. What a fun picture! I love the ones of large groups. You can fabricate such great stories about each person. I think you might have the Monticello I'm showing at mistaken for the original historical one. Check out Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland, Oregon, online. I'm sure it doesn't compare to the original but it is a great antique venue! Have a great weekend, M.

  2. Pillow's not a very kind name for her, is it??? Lovely photo--how great you have that (and thanks for sharing it!). Love that bow!

  3. I love old photos! How wonderful for your husband to have this!

  4. What a great picture to have. So interesting to see how they dressed then for athletics. Seems like the bow would work against ya though. HA! Thanks for sharing, :) Tammy

  5. i just adore this!! the outfits are just priceless. poor pillow though...heeeheee!!! happy weekend tammy:) xox...jenn

  6. LOVED this old picture!

    Hope you are having a lovely evening!


  7. Tammy, I really connected with you when you said about enjoying listening to your daughter also. I can just imagine your smile and feeling the world is alright. You so wrote the exact feeling it gives you.
    Has they are enjoying all the newness of music, friendship, adventures for the future and dreams. Lovely to know our children are happy.
    We have such beautiful gifts!
    Have a great week Tammy!

  8. Oh the bow is massive,lol! Fashion hey! Your grandma must of been the leader in fashion in her day and was totally herself. She rocks, even though she would of looked like an bird in flight running round the field,lol!


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