Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Glue on my fingers and glitter on my face

This is the way my hands look when I am having some fun. Usually there glue, paint and stain from ink pads, to boot and then a stray string or glitter hanging on. I still don't know why I insist on keeping my nails painted my favorite shade of red. I have to redo them often.  I sometimes find glitter on my face and wonder how long I have been walking around like that. I would understand if it were you walking around like that and you me but does the average stranger understand why we have glitter on our faces and stains on our fingers? ;D

You know I just read a tip on a blog the other day and please forgive me if it was yours, because I can't remember where I saw it. The tip was that she used an old phone book to do small projects on and when the page got sticky or paint on it she just tore it out and tossed it. How clever of an idea. I use pieces of cardboard from shoe boxes, cereal boxes, shipping pkgs, etc and then recycle them if they are not too full of glue. I have a large piece about 3'x2' that I work on over and over again. Keeps the table top clean and I like seeing the colors on it. Silly, huh?
Well, I must go back to work. Stopped home for lunch. Hope you have glue on your fingers and glitter on your faces. Makes for a happy heart!
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  1. i use an old catalog to work on...your paper doesn't stick to the glossy pages...the girls my hubby works with laugh at him all the time because he often goes to work with glitter on his face from things i have glitzed up...i made your shadow box from artist class and posted it on my blog today...stop over and see...

  2. Oh this is darling Tammy and I'm amazed at how you keep your nails SO perfect! I remember I used to see others with chipped nails and thought 'what the'?? Shame on me!! For the last 5 years that's all I've had, ugh!

  3. How funny, I am sitting here trying to pick glue off my fingers while browsing blogs!

  4. I have a cross-stitching in my tv room that I did years and years ago that says "Happy Hands Happy Heart". So long ago, I would paint my fingernails to match every outfit I ever wore. Those days are long gone. Especially with the darker polishes -- I would need to do touch-ups twice a day. :) I use any book or magazine within arms reach when I start scrapping and gluing. I need to find a bigger work space. Happy Thursday to you! Tammy (I always feel like I am talking to myself when I see the other comments and read "Tammy" -- HA!)

  5. Yes, I'm another a paint-splattered glue-covered kindred spirit!

    I try to do that "use once then tear the page off" thing with old newspapers but to be honest when I get involved in a project that sometimes goes by the wayside and my table ends up as paint and glue covered as me!
    PS glam nails!

  6. What could make an artist happier than to display a bit of her work on her person! I want nails like yours by the way!

  7. Hahahaaa!

    This is an awesome photo! It's frickin' hysterical!

    I'm learning to make mixed media/collage ACEOs from my sister. I haven't played around with glue in a long time. I love glue on my fingers. It's like having paint when you've been painting!

    When I was a kid in elementary school we used to make glue blisters. It was just a way for us kids to kinesthetically experience the medium and gross each other out. :)

    I can relate to KarlaCottage's comment, too. I come back to my computer from working on an ACEO to work on my new media art and I get dirty gluey fingers on my keyboard.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. This is pretty much what my hands look like everyday--fun, isn't it?! Love the free image--thanks for doing this!


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