Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Autumn has come to stay

Fall is here. We have leaves dancing down the streets and a crunching under foot. Piles are being scattered by happy little people jumping in them. Today was a breezy day, so I knew if I stood still long enough I could capture some falling leaves for you. The colors of the trees have mostly turned brown but there are still a few here and there that have rich colors. You know what that means...time to feather our nests. One of my favorite things to do. What do you do to make your home cozy for autumn/winter? Please share.


  1. what a beautiful tree!!! wow!! i wish i was there ... autumn is my favourite season :)))

  2. Thanks for such a beautiful fall photo, Tammy! The leaves don't turn much here in California (where I live, anyway!), and I really miss it! I love that you caught those birds flying by in your picture--just perfect!

    It will be cooling down and raining finally this week--I love this weather because it does make me feel like "feathering the nest"--cozy and homey feeling! I'll be pulling out all my candles, placing them around the house, and enjoying their glow and warm fragrances....thanks for a lovely post!

  3. OMG! That tree is MORE than gorgeous! Whoah!

    I think Autumn cannot decide if Winter is going to allow it stay a bit longer here or not. hee.

    Happy Tuesday! :)

  4. What a beautiful pic!
    Autumn is here, too. I love the colors of autumn and when it´s getting cold outside, I love to sit in front of our wood stove and to watch the flames.
    Drinking a hot tea, light my candles and decorating my home with leaves, chestnuts and other found things makes my home like a feathered nest.

    Glad that I found your wonderful Blog,
    it´s truly art and inspiration!

  5. It's amazing how nature can create such rich red leaves like that! My kids have already jumped into big piles of leaves here. I turn on my fire place more often in the fall. Thanks for your well-wishes for my son Tammy!

    Sandy xox

  6. Beautiful tree. I am sad to say that the only thing dancing down the streets of Kuwait is garbage! This country is still way behind when it comes to respect for the environment. I just can't fathom opening your window and throwing a bag of garbage out or even a tissue, but people do it all the time, every day. It is one of my biggest pet peeves (other than the lack of respect on the road). I am feeling the urge to clean, rearrange, change things up at home. We actually have crisp, cool air today. So refreshing! All the best to you and Happy Autumn! :) Tammy

  7. What a great image Tammy! The colors are fantastic, and the composition's great! I am jealous you get to have a real "Fall" We don't... It's either summer or Winter, but no Fall...

  8. Makes me think of raking leaves and walking through the forest,,i love this time of year!

    What ever happened with your painted canvas piece of the beachfront? Did you get it finished?

  9. Oh I love this season and colors! It's just a shame it's over so quickly, our trees are nearly bare now.

  10. Lovely post! Autumn is such an inspirational time... When it comes around the house is always stocked with warm blankets, hot coco mixes, slippers and books.


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