Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm a winner... off to Norway we go...

Well, today I found out that I have won a video featuring my handmade items from Glamour Bomb Whoot! Her prices for the videos are very reasonable. You can see what one looks like by visiting her blog. She does a fabulous job and you can add it to your blog. Perfect way to showcase your works.
I just shipped this journal/album off to Norway. A young lady had me create this as a gift for her boyfriend. She wanted maps, and an ocean theme. I hope she likes it. I was please with the turnout.
Oh, I cleaned my art room and I can see the floor and my table top. Woohoo!! It was to the point that I could not go in there and create, because I had to step over things and I couldn't open cabinets or drawers because they were blocked by more supplies. My room is teeny tiny. Maybe 4x8 with floor to ceiling shelves on one side, an armoire, a cabinet and a worktable and chair. Well I turned on the radio and went to work. Everything is labeled and has a place, now. It's a breath of fresh air to create in there. You should try it if you need it. It was like removing a wet blanket. Bad Feng Shui. Now I have balance and harmony. Yay!
Have a lovely Tuesday.


  1. Beautiful journal! I'm sure he will love it. I know what you mean about cleaning out the art space ever once in awhile. It really helps to clear up the the room and in the head..he he!
    Happy creating!

  2. I just love the journal!!!

  3. wow!! congratulations on the win and getting rid of bad chi :))

    that journal is awesome hon!! i have no doubt anyone with the love of a nautica theme will fall head over heels in love with that journal of yours!! i won't even want to use it!! such an amazing piece :))

  4. Wow! That journal rocks! Congratulations to you! I'm positive he will like it! :)

  5. Your journal is very beautifull,love how you made the great feeling of a sea-trawel journal.
    And congrats with the win, and the video.

  6. Beautiful journal, I love anything with maps!
    I hear you regarding your studio- I don't have a studio, merely a SPACE, I put it in caps, because it's MY space (I used to only have the dining room table, so there is improvement I guess:)) but anyway, my SPACE is extremely cluttered right now, and I too need a dig out!

  7. beautiful piece of art work you made. the page with the ship was so real, I kept going back to it. congrats on the win and the new look in your studio/craft room.

  8. I love the journal ~ the colors are beautiful; it seems so many men love blue, I'm sure the recipient will cherish it!

    Hooray for an organized work space! Got to pay attention to that feng shui. You just reminded me my work room needs to be cleaned out; I probably have "poison arrows" poking me everywhere...

    Congrats on winning the video, can't wait to see it!

  9. Congrats on the win!
    That custom album looks great! I am sure she will be pleased as well!!
    Glad you got a chance to clean your art room. Now you can mess it up again by creating a whole lot of new stuff ;)

  10. The journal is awesome! I wish I had a room to create in, even if it was small. A closet, anything. I would like to buy a nice desk for the tv room and create one wall where I can store scrapbook supplies and have a place to sit rather than on the bed or dining table when I want to make scrapbooks, cards, etc. Congrats on getting yours all spruced up! :) Best wishes, Tammy

  11. Wow magnificent colors, I love it!
    Congrats on the video. High5! Pania

    My blog

  12. I so hear you Tammy! I've been doing the same myself, althugh it is moving from the hallway to a room (thank God kids grow up! If only they took all their pieces along)
    That journal is beautiful! Like you girl!

    xox, Lisa

  13. I love your journal, the colors are beautiful. I clean my little work shop up and a day later it's back to the way it was. My sister says it just because you actually are working and creating. So I leave it messy longer. LOL Have a great day!

  14. Tammy, that journal is amazingly beautiful. Happy weekend :)

  15. Beautifully done! and a precious gift!

  16. Congratulations Tammy and what a gorgeous creation you made - wow!!

  17. I never thought you would understand or at least know 'Feng Shui' but you surprise me.
    Did you know Lilian Too? She is a master in Feng shui and she is good..


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