Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas is in the air...;D

Well, today is Black Friday and of course I had to go out and get a few Christmas gifts, while the prices were so good. Only hit 3 shops, as I cannot take the crowds and traffic. Did you ever notice how everything that you need is on sale this time of year and yet you cannot buy for yourself because you have others to buy for. I do. But we really did need some smaller dishes. Our new dishwasher's top rack hangs down too low for my Pier 1 Import plates to stand upright. Soooo, I got a setting for 8 that was regularly 99.00 for 39.88. Whoot! Gotta love that!

I absolutely love this time of year. The bells, the lights, the smell of fresh cut pine trees and the spicy candles that scent our home. As soon as we get back from South Carolina I am going to try to convince my husband to go cut a Christmas tree. He likes to wait until at least 2 weeks before Christmas before getting the tree but then it seems like the holiday zooms by too fast. I really want to savor it this year.
I found some tasty recipes last year in this book called Christmas all through the house by Gooseberry Patch. I will try to scan some in and share them with you in the coming weeks.
Click here to find a list of gifts under $30. that I compiled last year. Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. Hi Tammy,
    I used some of your papers again for a the French project.
    I love shopping from etsy more than candied yams :)
    xox, Lisa

  2. Good evening, Tammy! Love your pretty Christmas images! That Gooseberry Patch cookbook is one of my very favorites--I go back to it time and again!

    We're getting our tree on Monday--we usually get it the first Monday after Thanksgiving...that way we have a good long time to enjoy it! Hope you get your way!!!

  3. Good for you Tammy, it is hard to buy for ourselves, especially large ticket items. Sounds like you found a great deal today.

    My kids are after me already to put up the Christmas tree. We have allergies here so no pine but I'll make due with my holiday scented candles.

  4. I could never stand the shopping croweds around this time of year... Got on ya for braving it and going out to shop any ways!
    Have a happy weekend,

  5. Hi Tammy,
    Yes, you are so right, it's hard to buy things for yourself when it is Christmas shopping time. At least you got a great bargain with your plates! Thanks for the link to your gifts under $30 :)

  6. Hi Tammy, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It allowed me to find you and I'm your newest follower!

    Your Christmas pics sure got me in the holiday mood this morning, but Black Friday yesterday? The closest I came was logging onto for some books.

  7. Hi Tammy ,

    Here in Denmark we only sets up our tree the day before christmas eve, and then keep it till New years eve, so the way you do it is much more to my liking .But i`m afraid my husbond would not agree !!
    Normally the parents decorate the tree the evening before, and then it is there for the children christmas morning.

    The father christmas you showed is so wonderfull.
    Hugs Dorthe

  8. We're excited about Christmas this year too and decorating in our new living room for the holiday, whoot! I have to admit though, we're still trying to figure out where summer went, lol!

  9. I LOVE visiting your blog Tammy. I strolled around and looked at all of the beautiful things that you've created - such talent!

    I hope that your Thanksgiving was lovely. Be blessed!

  10. I feel Christmas in the air too, but I can't help but wonder what happened to August, September, October and November......
    We used to always get our tree the day after Thanksgiving, but as the kids get older and busier, we've been getting it later and later every year. I like to cram as much Christmas into the month as possble, so next week for sure!

  11. gosh you got a good deal on those plates, fantastic :) LOVE your blog, such found I just found you whilst surfing around. I too love all the scents of this time of year, especially fir trees. Have a lovely sunday, Catherine x

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