Thursday, August 7, 2008

Learning something new

Hello. It's Thursday and I was feeling creative, so I took this picture of one of my echinacea (purple coneflower) plants and played with the colors while editing. I just love all of the wonderful things you can do to alter photos. I just wish I had the time to dabble in it more. Wouldn't it be so much fun to take a week off of work and have that time to go to an art school or any type of hobby school (cooking, flying, landscaping,etc) and learn some new techniques. Just to be away from all of our daily demands and be abe to devote your time and energy doing whatever it is that you want to learn more about. My mother-in-law goes to an art school for a week at a time, once in awhile, in the mountains of NC. She always has the best time. My other mother-in-law , the first one is a step for my husband, goes to bed and breakfasts with friends to artisits colonies to learn new painting techniques. Oh to be retired, huh? I imagine I should be greatful to be young still. Yeah, I know, 41 is not exactly young, but I am young at heart, nonetheless, thank you very much.

If you could go to any type of school for one week, where would you go and to learn what? I am curious. Please share.


  1. Hi Tammy,

    41 is still young!! I just read that 50 is the new 40 so that makes you only 31!!

    I am thinking of taking a class on how to "style" a school in NYC. Have a great weekend!


    p.s. those puppies are adorable!

  2. Beautiful photo, and yes, 41 is still young! (at least to me, as I am 45 and still feel young!)

    I would love to take a week long class in fabric design!

  3. Beautiful photo Tammy! Happy weekend :D

  4. Hey girl!Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog! Hmmm, if I could go away to learn something for a week- I think it would be photography/photoshop. I love taking pictures but I want to learn how to make them look more professional. TTY when I return..Sandy xox

  5. Thanks for stopping in to visit me Tammy...always nice to meet new people!

    I love coneflowers and love how you've altered this photo.

    If I could take a one week class? This would be a long list and hard to choose just one but I think I'd start with digital art, then soldering charms, and keep going from there!

  6. It sounds like photography is one that most of us would like to learn some techniques in. Photoshop is a bit intimidating to me. The fabric art made by Victoria is already very pretty and I told her she could teach a thing or two to others, herself. Digital art must be a lot of fun, and I too would enjoy a class on that.


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