Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer Joys...

When I think about my favorite things about summer, these things come to mind; snorkeling, lounging on the beach, hunting for seashells and sea glass by the seashore, sailing, fireflies, cookouts, the sound of june bugs, fishing, grasshoppers, dragonflies, fresh fruits and vegetables right out of the garden or from a roadside stand, fresh cut flowers, sunshine, shade, watermelon, vacations, porch swings, badminton, baseball games, fragrant flower gardens, the smell of suntan lotion, fresh squeezed lemonade, cold sand between your toes, swimming, water sports, going barefooted, screen doors, open windows, lazy days, etc, etc...
Summertime is happiness to me. I love sunshine and cooking light meals and listening to the waves roll in, seagulls squaking and children laughing and splashing. I love for a small vase to hold the fresh flowers from the garden that I planted from seed. I love to air out the house on those pleasant mornings and evenings when there is a gentle breeze. I don't want it to end.
September begins on Monday and school on Tuesday. I do love the fall as well but for very different reasons. I will share those at a later date. Meanwhile soak up the sunshine and the fresh smells of summer.


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  1. Tammy, not sure if its my problem or blogspot, i came here the past 2 post and couldn;t comment. It's ok now..Love the beach. You knew it! knew I was dying to go to the beach and post these pic to make me yearn even more hahah..

    happy weekend :D


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