Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nicholas and Dudley

Oh my gosh, look at these cuties! My mom came up after buying these two little fellows from an Amish family about 45 minutes from here. They are too cute! Each only about 10" long. To little snow balls. They are Maltese. Just like my little guy Chance. Mom and her husband love my little guy so much that they decided to get 2 of them. Their names are Nicholas and Dudley. That is my daughter holding them. She has been begging for aonther puppy but her dad says nomore pets and that is that. We are working on him. I've been looking at the humane society and the local SPCA, etc. Hopefully if we find something we cannot live without we can work our magic. Not sure though, he is a toughnut to crack sometimes. Oooohhhh...puppy breath. I just love it. It tickles my nose and reminds me of coffee. Have a lovely Thursday. Thank goodness Friday is just around the corner.

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