Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Party Time! Woohoo!

Well hello there! I'm so glad you came. Don't you look wonderful! I love your dress! Grab a cocktail and there are some finger foods if you are hungry . Oh my gosh, the cucumber sandwiches are fabulous! Try this Fruitini. It's yummy and refreshing. So as you can see the party is in full swing. Okay, I am to list 5 Inspirations for my art. So here goes:

nature and colornew suppliesdelicious papersgorgeous embellishmentsvintage ephemera As part of the Etsy street team"Inspiration Avenue", we decided to host this blog party and offer up some wonderful prizes. Alls you have to do is hop on over there. Good luck and have fun mingling with all the other members. Cheers! I am so glad you came by. Now go get your chance to win.
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  1. Hi Tammy! Thanks so much for lovely cucumber sandwiches! Delish!!

    I love your sources of inspiration and I can definitely see it in your most gorgeous work!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the party!! xx

  2. Tammy you're such a great hostess! Your photos are beautiful too - I really want cucumber sandwiches now lol! I actually share every single one of your inspirations! We must have lots in common!

  3. hey tammy!!
    what a fun post!! love the things that inspire you and can definitely relate to ALL of them ;) your choice of pictures are awesome ... i really feel like partying now! well!! off to dance the night away ... happy party day to you too!!
    peace and hugs,
    luthien :)

  4. what a great way to do the post - the inspiration and the piece! i love the robin's eggs and the piece that they inspired! and thanks for the recipes! great idea!

  5. What a delightful post! Such fun pictures and great inspirations. And that fresh fruit looks scruptious

  6. Oh my those cucumber sandwiches ARE delicious - thank you!!

    I loved hearing about all the beautiful things that inspire your work! The colors and textures are so striking and move me as well! What a treasure trove of inspiration!♥

    Psst.. I have a special place in my heart for Robin's eggs as well (what a gorgeous color) delighted to see them here too! ;-)

  7. Ooooh new supplies are the best right!! There's something about the feel of a new paint brush! Thank you for sharing your inspirations, they were wonderful! Michele

  8. *munches on those cucumber sandwiches* Why thanks for supplying some snacks for us people traveling from inspiration blog post to inspiration blog post! :)

    Your inspirations are definitely inspiring- I know new supplies always make me inspired! :D

  9. Thanks for the sandwiches. Your photos of your inspirations are beautiful.
    Love new material, too. I try to stay away from michael's on payday (at least until the bills are paid).

  10. I am totally with you on new supplies. Nothing better than shopping, except buying! LOL

  11. I suddenly feel like having a cucumber sandwich!


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