Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nature inspires me

See the bee to the left in this image. I caught him mid flight heading in to find some pollen. I love these flowers. Can't remember the name but they remind me of fireworks. There are all sorts of little pink curlicues that look like those golden lights streaming down from the sky.
Daisies in my garden make me smile. They are sunny and dance towards the sky. This one seems to be floating right before my lens. The white is so white and the lines in the petals are so subtle but they are there. Just lovely. The center reminds me of a sunflower with row upon row of miniscule yellow heads. There is a pattern there that you can only see upon closer inspection. I must get a macro lens. Things like this itrigue me.
When I was little I remember having fun trying to figure out what the partial photo was, that was in the back of a kids magazine. You know the ones where they only have a small fraction of something or a macro view of say a bees abdomen.


  1. This absolutely amazing. Photography at perfection!


  2. Catching the bee in mid flight is quite an achievement. This entry is like a happy poem, an ode to summer, it must reflect you.

  3. Great pictures Tammy.
    Thanks for sharing them.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  4. very nice photos! I think the flower may be beebalm (also called firecracker flowers). My mother had them when i was a kid and I always liked them :)


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