Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life is a Beach... or so they say and another giveaway

Feeling inspired to paint a beach scene.
The colors are so calming. These are my first clouds ever. I watched a tutorial on painting them on Youtube. They are not super easy. Trust me.
I added more clouds to show distance and some water rolling in.

I need something perfect to finish it off but I'm not sure what. Palm fronds cascading in at a corner? Adirondak chairs? A beach ball for the vivid color? A kite flying into the scene? I hate getting this far and risking ruining it, as I am pretty happy with the way it is turning out and I am not having to look at it from different angles or squint my eyes to make it look better, either. lol So glad you all understand my sense of humor. Any ideas? Please share and don't say people as they would have to be inpressionistic as I can only draw faces not bodies. Maybe some day. Let me know what your ideas are.
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  1. Your clouds look wonderful! That doesn't look like a first effort. I vote NO on the kite. The chairs I like. Palm fronds.... not sure. You could paint ME laying on the sand but I think a beached whale might be difficult to do :)

    Can't wait to see what you decide.

  2. this is looking fantastic! you are right, painting clouds are not as easy as it looks ... and yours look pretty awesome i must say :) you are such a talented artist tammy!!

    hmm... i actually like it as it is ...

  3. Tammy, your painting is wonderful...i like the chairs idea...and what about a starfish or pretty shell off to the left side of the canvas...i think that would be sweet...

  4. Have you thought of painting the top of a mountain? Against all that blue.
    I liked to see the empty canvas, then your idea starting to show, then the colors, then the sky and the clouds. For me it is perfect as is. But if you want to add something, it could also be the tops of trees, giving the viewer the feeling of flying. Just my early morning thoughts...

  5. Ooh It's gorgeous Tammy! And yes I agree, clouds are hard!
    Hmm - you could actually leave it as it is, but if you want to add something I do like the idea of the kite, as it's a very airy and serene painting. Or maybe a sailboat.

    If I'm not sure re next steps, I often turn my paintings to the wall and leave them for a few days (or months lol!) then when I look again I can just see straight away what I want to add!

  6. You have such a true talent.
    A small little beach chair facing the water, , some lady with a wide brimmed hat!
    It will come to you! they say some of the most creative ideas come to you when you don't actually put any thought into it. Just wait:)

  7. How about a beach pail halfway submerged in the sand? Lovely painting!:)

  8. Tammy, this is turning out beautifully. You are a very talented painter. Twyla

  9. Ok, first off I'm amazed those are the first clouds you've ever painted - WOW!! As far as ideas, I'm at a loss... all I could think of were a pier, boat or shells but it's coming out SO beautifully!!
    So, just out of curiosity... when are you going to start selling your paintings?? ;-)

  10. This painting is wonderful. I wouldn't add any jarring color like a kite or beach ball. Maybe a dune fence off to one side? A very pale boat far in the distance?
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  11. Oh Tammy it IS beautiful and calming!!! Very relaxing to look at!!!!!

  12. I would not add a thing. Not one thing. After pondering it for a moment, the viewer will start seeing what they want to see there, putting themselves & their own imagination in the picture.

    OR MAYBE... something small in the foreground. Whatever you choose, it's clearly going to be lovely.

  13. it is looking wonderful!!! can't wait to see how you complete it.
    have a wonderful weekend~


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