Friday, February 22, 2008

Dreaming of Summers Past and Future

Well, while I was on the computer changing my blog colors and such I got sidetracked, as usual, in my Kodak albums while looking for a picture to add to this post, well I'll have you know that was about 45 minutes ago. I got hooked on our New England summer photos from several years back. That was one fun summer vacation.

We decided to get in the car, drive along the coast all the way from PA to Maine and just stop along the way whenever we felt like it. So we went to Barnes and Noble ( like putting 2 kids in a candy store) to get a nice map and to get a book on traveling through New England. Of course I had to also get a few of my favorite magazines. What's a girl to do without the latest gossip of People or art from Somerset and visually shopping in Vogue! See, sidetracked again. hehe

We were blessed with so many wonderful sights and fun along the way. In Connecticut, we stayed in these lovely little cottages for 2 nights at $50./night. Can you believe that? They were so adorable and like being at home, but more fun. I think the tiny bathroom sink was like 12"x12", no lie. We went deep sea fishing and our daughter caught more and larger fish than her dad, while I was green and it wasn't with envy. So much for Dramamine.

We visited Essex, Boothbay, Marthas Vineyard, Boston, Newport, and so on. We road the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard docked by the beach and rode bikes across the island. We had lunch and just enjoyed the scenery while biking. It was all great until we nearly missed the ferry going back as we had somehow taken a wrong turn. Frantic we pedaled our hearts out when some lovely taxi man driving a van stopped and hooked our bikes on and drove us to the bike rental shop and then we made a mad dash to the ferry. Shwew...we just made it.

We also visited Newport, Rhode Island. It was such a wonderful night. It was warm and breezy, so we went to a nice restaurant on the water for dinner. All the while enjoying a live band on the balcony along with our meals and good conversation.

In Maine we went shell seeking on the beach and then on a sailboat that ended up having to use his motor because the wind had died down, but we got an education on the crabbing industry and the different colored markers for the traps. The rocky shoreline was gorgeous, not to mention the captain. hehe

In Connecticut we stopped in a little town called Essex. OMG, it is the most adorable little colonial village with white picket fences standing in front of freshly painted homes and the gardens are to die for! Pristine was the word that came to mind. A picture perfect little place for say a chick flick.

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