Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Oh it is beautiful outside! My daughter went for a long bike ride while I shoveled snow and cleaned the house a bit.

Anyway, today it may only be 30'F but it is sunny as all get out. I drove my daughter to her friends house in the country and looked at the trees so sparse against the blue sky, but the skeletons of the trees are quite an intriguing image. Of course I was driving and could not stop to take a pic as I was on a windy road, but I can keep it in my memory.

Spring is nearly here. I cannot wait. The greenery is always a welcomed change. I miss the birdies flying onto our porch and perching on the iron light fixture we have over the table. It has two ornamental birds and leaves that must seem inviting to our feathered friends, as this is one of their favorite landing places. Last year we got to witness 3 different families come to be. So sweet. We are planning on adding shrubs to the right side of the house this summer. The hydrangea vines are staying so small after 2 full growing seasons, so we will be replacing them and taking down the trellises and trying something new. I love evergreens, but also love things like burning bush for their color. Hmm...any ideas?

Well, I need to get back to work. Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. ever heard of a butterfly bush? They grow like wild-fire - beautiful purple flowers that seem to bloom for months and months, and butterflies are attracted to them! Your house reminds me of where we used to live.

  2. Great idea Woolies. Our neighbor has one and every year I admire it. I will have to research them and see if they will grow with only morning sun in not so great soil. Lots of big oaks right there next to the house.


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