Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How-to make a planter out of a chair

Well, this was a fun and rather easy project to do last spring. It lasted through fall, I just changed out the flowers from Spring to Summer and then in the fall.

Supplies you will need:




Staple gun



1. Find old chair (mine was from the road side)

2. Use a round object (I used a plate) to mark out where the hole should go for the plants.

3. Use a drill to start the hole in the center of the marked out circle and then onto a jigsaw to cut out the rest of the circle.

4. Next place screening (can be metal or not, doesn't matter) over the hole and allow for it to droop down inside the hole low enough for a good amount of soil and moss to fit in (makes for better water retention) and staple it all the way around on top of the chair seat.

5. Cut off excess screening , leaving about 1/2" overlapping the chair seat (this will be covered by the moss and plantings.

6. Fill with moss and then soil and lastly whatever plants/flowers you want.

I planted pansies and ivy in it in the spring and then when summer came along, I left the ivy and took out the pansies, added in Petunias and Sweet William. It was lovely. This picture is when I first added the petunias, before the whole thing went crazy with blooms and some of the ivy was wrapped up around the back of the seat, while the rest reached for the ground.


  1. That's really pretty and creative.
    I'll be scouring the roadsides now!

  2. lol, Yes, every spring and every fall we have a week of putting out bulk iems and you should see all of the pickup trucks in the neighborhoods. One year I got an antique iron garden settee, it now has a prominent place on my front porch. Last year I got 2 antiique benches with backs that now sit at both of my doors, ready to hold pots of flowers, groceries and the like. Love 'em!


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