Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mixed Media Clocks

Old meets new. Much like my the furnishings in my home. It is fun to be able to incorporate a piece of the past with those of the present. Here there are vintage photos, an antique skeleton key, aged ephemera along with other newer fun elements all to create a cohesive feel. I am addicted to vintage letters, photos, linens and mixing bowls. They all make me feel cozy. Call me crazy but you can adopt a family member simply by picking up a vintage photo. Alot of them look far better than my real relatives. lol Just kidding. :) I love to see how nicely people once wrote. The penmanship was exquisite. It is curious how we have managed to depart from that. Vintage linens are so soft and have been lovingly kept in pristine condition, obviously by people unlike myself. To me not much is too precious to be used everyday. And as for the mixing bowls, they make me think of a warm cozy kitchen.


  1. Just beautiful Tammy, sadly we dont have such beautiful stuff here, tks for sharing and have a great weekend :D

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  3. Thanks for visiting me Tammy! Really awesome clocks!!!
    Warm Regards,


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