Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bathroom Before, During and After Pics

Before the drywall went up. Pretty bare bones. We had concrete floors, cinder block walls and a bulb hanging overhead.
During The green board is a waterproof drywall. It was a shockingly dark color when I walked in.
This is the after shot from the same angle so you can see the transformation. I love the contrast of the white fixtures, mouldings and doors against the Khaki paint and tiles.
The tiles look great and have a itty bitty bit of a shimmer in them. They are otherwise a matte like finish with a great textural look with the variegated coloring runing through them.
This medicine cabinet/miror combo works great because inside it is all mirror too so if you open the door you can get closer for applying makeup.
These doors created a laundry nook on the rt side of the room and that one at the end goes into Jack's workshop. Next up is decorating it. Woohoo! My fave!


  1. Hi Tammy
    Your bathroom looks gorgeous. I love the white and the khaki color scheme. I enjoyed seeing the before and after shots. The shower cubicle is lovely and fits great into that corner. I look forward to seeing your decorating.
    Thanks for your comment. Please let me know your email.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. The bathroom looks great! I love white and khaki. It's so clean looking. Can't wait to see what ypu do with it!

  3. You've been busy I see. I love your new bathroom redo too. It looks magazine picture perfect waiting for the decorating.

  4. Absolutely ideal colours for bathroom! I like the shape of the cabinet & I can't wait to see how you add style to your bathroom.Have fun :)

  5. Nice pics Tammy, I cant wait to see it after your decoration :D

  6. wowee! the bathroom looks fantastic! i love the colors, the pedestal sink and the gorgeous white doors to your laundry nook! gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

  7. Oh your bathroom came out beautifully! This was fascinating because we're going to be doing ours in the Spring and have been accumulating supplies. We'll be using the same green drywall so it'll be fascinating to see how it looks at that stage. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend♥

  8. OOOh, what a great transformation! I know you must be so happy with it! Blessings, Nancy

  9. How exciting to get an all new bathroom! It looks so pretty. I can't wait to see after you decorate, I know it will be beautiful! Twyla

  10. The bathroom is beautiful. I love the colors and the pedestal sink. I have an antique sink that I want my husband to put in our upstairs bath to replace an old vanity.

  11. It looks fantastic Tammy!

    And what a pretty new photo of you!


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