Friday, January 16, 2009


Every where I look I see this powdery white stuff! It was 0'F this morning when I went to work. We had a real feel of -30'F. Bitter cold. It takes your breath away and makes you cough when it is this cold. It's best to breath through your nose.
This image is so adorable, however a broom would hardly help us right not. We have about 5" of snow on the ground over about 1/4" of ice. You should see some of the snow mounds. They are about 15' high and look like big hills. Over time they will start to melt and look really yucky. That's about when we are yearning for springtime.
Hope you are staying nice and toasty. I am thankful for a warm home and proper clothing for this weather.
Tomorrow I will try to remember to post pics of our new bathroom. The contractor finished it on Tuesday and we are so glad to have the second bathroom. Sharing 1 between the 3 of us daily and then when we had holiday guests it was a bit of a drag, as you might imagine.
Well, this weekend I must play with some of my new supplies. I stocked up last Sunday. I say stocked up as if I didn't have a bunch already but there were some great sales at Michaels that I could not pass up. I loaded up on 12"x12" scrapbooking papers because most of them were 7/$1. That's crazy cheap! Who could resist? Not me! :D


  1. Tammy,
    I like the beautiful pics of snowy spots. It cools me off here from this warm + high humidity + with perpetual hot sun light (except at night :). Ever been to Malaysia?

  2. I couldn't resist either. I like to use those big sheets to wrap up small packages in.
    Can't wait to see the new bathroom!

  3. It's too cold! I wont be visiting you during the winter if you dont mind :D

  4. My hubby is from the east coast and now live here in the west coast. He tells me he sure does not miss shoveling the snow....but now he has to always mow the lawn. Stay warm!

  5. I just realized you changed your layout design! It is very pretty. Your other one was very pretty too, though! :o)

    Looking forward to your bathroom pics. :o)

  6. Hello!:-)
    Thank you for your nice comment.:-)

    Yes, my daughter and I are together every dag, and we have a lots of fun.:-)
    We are a bit crazy:;-) Haha...

    Hugs Stina

  7. Hello Tammy
    You must be fed up of all the snow by now but I really do enjoy seeing the beautiful pictures you show of it.
    I am glad to hear your bathroom is finished and I look forward to seeing it soon. One of our bathrooms desperatley needs doing so I will be looking for inspriration and ideas.
    Have a lovely weekend.


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