Friday, January 2, 2009

Places to go...

Here we are at the Empress Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is elegant and enormous. In here we will find a wonderful tea room, so we can chat and catch up. The holidays have left me a bit weary.
Vancouver, Canada is calling my name. Look at the view. The gardens are just out of this world. It must be the climate. Happy New Year! Boy, talk about pressure. The first posting of the new year has had me thinking all weekend long. What to write about...hmmm... something inspirational...but what?
So I thought we could all use a mini vacation after the stress of the holidays. So off we go to Ireland next. Adare Manor Hotel is where I would love to stay while visiting Ireland. It is a 15th century castle. It is the lap of luxury. I'm sure the bathrooms have lots of marble and provide big fluffy robes for us to enjoy our morning tea or coffee in. Just look at the gorgeous grounds! WE could meander along the garden path taking in the fresh air and nature at it's finest.
I am enamored by these lovely thatched roof cottages. They look like they are right out of a fairy tale, do they not? I imagine there's a cozy fire going, and we are curled up in comfy armchairs with a nice cup of Earl Grey and a good book. Sounds good, huh?

Don't you just love the rolling hills of Ireland. The meadows are so green and the hills look so lush. It makes me just want to lay down and roll down the hillside.
Get your cameras ready. Is this not one of the most breathtaking images? Las Lajas Cathedral is found in the remote mountains of Colombia. Isn't it just gorgeous?! It has a quick moving river beneath it and 2 waterfalls nearby. It is near the town of Ipiales. Part of the cathedral is attached to a cliff and the other to a bridge. Wouldn't it be a wonderful place to walk through and then maybe enjoy the waterfalls and make a wish.
We have only visited a few places and there's a whole world to see out there. It is exciting to travel. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I needed that little break. Our last visitor for the holidays left this am.


  1. Wow! For a woman who didn't know what to blog about you wove pure magic! YES! I enjoyed our travels so much and it's exactly what I needed, a little excursion with a good friend. ;-)

    I had not idea the Cathedral was in Columbia, I would have though Scotland at first glance and yes... I enjoyed the roll down those gorgeous hills. Who wouldn't love Ireland, all that green!

    Back to my "real" life now but I'm taking pieces of this lovely journey with me, thanks so much!♥

  2. Thanks for the mini vacation. I have always wanted to go to B. C. and now I don't even have to unpack! Twyla

  3. Hi Tammy
    Thanks for the mini vacation. I loved it. I fancy the Empress in Canada. How long shall we go for? I could gaze at that view all day.
    Where are you taking us next?

  4. I just told The Hubs the other night I wanted to go to Victoria BC for my Birthday so I could have tea at Empress Hotel. I have been there several times (it's a short trip from our house) but never got to do tea. It's lovely there! You should plan a trip one day.

    Thank you for the comments on my bathroom reno. I can't wait to see what you have been doing.

  5. Love this post Tammy. I want a thatched roof for my house. Don't know how charming that would look with the vinyl siding, LOL.


  7. Oh, I could live in a cottage like that! Now, off to daydream.

  8. WOW! Great pictures! I totally enjoyed the mini vacation! Thanks!

  9. Lovely travel..the only one I've been to is the Empress Hotel in Victoria..the others look magnificent!

  10. BEAUTIFUL! I would like to book a trip NOW!


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