Sunday, January 25, 2009

SAT's and 8 random things about me

Well, my baby girl has signed up to take her SAT's. Now we are looking at colleges.

Pre Med colleges, that is. Yikes! My baby wants to go out of state. So we are trying to figure out where she might want to go. It is hard being open and not giving my 2 cents but I am keeping all of my opinions to myself, in regards to her being too far from us and such. You always want your kids to be happy and to grow. This whole parenting thing is so hard sometimes.
On another note, I was tagged today by sweet Julie over at knitsational. I am supposed to share 8 random things about myself and then tag 8 others to do the same.
1. I wanted to be a psychologist, photographer or interior designer.
2. Strangers start conversations with me all of the time. Complete strangers share their personal stories. My husband and kids often ask me how I know that person and when I tell them I don't their mouths usually drop. My mother has the same thing happen to her.
3. I liked school.
4. I drive a fork lift, narrow reach truck and a cherry picker at work, daily. I am a receiving clerk but I often have to help unload and move freight when we are shorthanded.
5. Fresh flowers and sunshine make me happy!
6. I love animals and children.
7. I have seen most of the US.
8. I love to fly. I want to start enjoying my destination asap.
Okay, so now to tag 8 people. Hmmm... Who will take the time to do this? Okay, how about:
1. Lindsay-Ann of The Cross-Stitch House
2. Joy of Joy to the Blog
3. Elizabeth of Thoughts from and Evil Overlord (nothing evil there)
4. Sharon of Mana Moon Studios
5. M. Kate of La Vie Est Belle
6. Gin of Keepsake Moments
7. Lola of Lola Enchanted's Flea Market
8. Twyla and Lindsey of Two Crazy Crafters about pressure. Sheesh whiz. ;D Have a lovely week ahead.


  1. I could see you as the kind of person I would feel compelled to tell all too.
    And I never liked school, though, I do love to learn.

  2. Wow! You amaze me constantly and I loved reading your tag!! Ok, the work day diddly I never would have guessed but just too cool! I couldn't help but laugh when you mentioned wanting to start enjoying the destination. ;-)

    What a difficult time to stand back and watch our children fly off into their own lives it's truly bittersweet and my heart is with you. She's had a great beginning with her fabulous mom so there's no doubt your lovely daughter will go far into the right places.

    Thanks so much for the tag, I'll do my best, but you're was absolutely fabulous!!♥

  3. Thanks for the tag Tammy. I enjoyed reading your random facts. So you love flying? I hate it. I am always so scared!
    I hope everything works out with your daughter. I can fully understand you wanting her to be near to you. It must be a difficult time.

  4. Oh my, I know all about the college thing! Good Luck!
    It was fun learning a little more about you. Blessings,Nancy

  5. You lead a very interesting life. You seem like someone who is easy to talk to. I love that you can drive those things at work. I wish your daughter the best in choosing her college. I know how you feel about her choosing one out of state! Thanks for tagging me.

  6. I really enjoyed your responses in your tag Tammy! I recently did one just like this so I will wait until next week to do yours, if that's okay. :o)

  7. I found your blog through the OWOH project. I just wanted to comment and wish you luck on the college search. I just went through that. My son applied early this fall and got accepted into his first choice school. He is off to New York City in the fall.

  8. Hey Tammy, tks for the tag..will get round doing it. It was so much fun reading your tag, makes me feel I know you a little more. Have a great week ahead, big hugs always.


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