Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A moment to be cherished

Okay so you know how I mentioned a few posts back about finding beauty in everyday things. Well, I was letting Chance out and noticed this lying on the snow, so in I went to grab my camera and capture this for you. Guess what it is...Yep a feather, but I saw a wink. To me I saw eyelashes. It made me smile.
Guess what? We have more snow coming down. Yep, the sky was gorgeous this morning and then this afternoon it went gray. Blah gray. But I have these to remind me of the beauty of the morning.


  1. Like Mother Nature winking at you. I love it!

  2. Love the "eyelashes" and Chance! I have decided to get a small maltese...I think they are so precious. Just looking for the right place to purchase one. Love your blog!


  3. I agree the feather does look like an eyelash! Thanks for sharing your icy morning pictures behind a beautiful blue sky.

  4. Oh yes..that feature looks like eyelashes alright. You've captured beauty perfectly ;p

  5. Hello doll! Beautiful pictures!! Your the FIRST one to ever "tag" me!!! I'll get to it on my next post!!!!!!!

    Oh your soooo cool!!!!~

  6. Wow, that is one blue sky. That's really incredible. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty around you with us.

  7. eyelashes!!! it does look like that:)
    thanks for coming over to visit me...it was nice to see you there!!!

  8. I saw a wink too! Enjoy your snow!



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